Elevator Radio Show 482 - Week 10/11/17


Three stories on today’s show highlight the need for the EESF and the distribution of its safety programs to kids and parents. While two accidents occurred in China, one was here in the California. There are few details to share about the one in our backyard but anytime first responders are required for an extraction it’s never a good thing. Parents, this message is to you. Kids are curious and want to explore, I know because I have three boys.  You can’t keep them safe from everything and learning through their actions is a significant tool as they grow. However with that said it is your responsibility to recognize that attention to them around escalators, elevators, weed wackers, lawn mowers, potatoes guns or anything else that is mechanical or moves needs special care to use.  If you’re in this industry tell the world about safety and how to ride elevators and escalators safely and what to do if the equipment does not operate as it was designed to.

Elevator Radio Show 481 - Week 10/04/17

Congratulations to Craig Zomchek 2017-2018 NAEC President

Congratulations to Craig Zomchek 2017-2018 NAEC President

I want to personally thank everyone who wrote me last week letting me know I was not alone in what I attempt to do each week.  I was blown away by everyone who took the time to write, call and send me text messages.  On top of all of those I was lucky enough to attend the NAESA Wisconsin Elevator Symposium last week and only for a day but it was great to talk with so many friends whom I haven’t seen in a while.  While I was only able to attend one day it was great to see the turn out the event received.  Today’s show is light on news but heavy on appreciation.

Elevator Radio Show 480 - Week 09/27/17

Elevator Riders Riding Club Founder Glenn Duncan, The Winner Of The 50/50 and Laurie Dueitt Program Director of the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation - NAEC 2017 Atlantic City

Elevator Riders Riding Club Founder Glenn Duncan, The Winner Of The 50/50 and Laurie Dueitt Program Director of the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation - NAEC 2017 Atlantic City

Today’s show leads with a piece coming out of Nebraska. If this is how all of our legislators felt I’d say we’re in trouble.  In addition I’ve got a special message to all the naysayers out there.  Listen for more on the show.  For those of you who headed to Atlantic City for the NAEC Convention I hope it was a good event for you.  Special thanks go out to Glenn Duncan who headed the 50/50 Raffle for the EESF and the donation by the NAEC of the two life sized Safe-T-Riders characters that were unveiled at the EESF fundraiser on Saturday night.  Tomorrow is the Wisconsin Elevator Symposium which is a favorite for many in the industry. The perfect opportunity to get QEI credits if needed.  I will be there and am looking forward to it!  

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Keeping Safety Front and Center!

I truly love the passion that Bob Shepherd brings to our industry and in promoting safety. His latest letter shared in NAESA International Progress Newsletter is spot on in how we all need to be thinking about safety.  I encourage you to share this with your coworkers and let's all do our part in making accidents non existent.  Also consider becoming a member of NAESA International.  They are the authority on safety and live and breath it every day.  

Bob Shepherd, Executive Director

Bob Shepherd, Executive Director

2017 - September Edition of the Progress - Bob Shepherd - NAESA International

This is one of the most difficult PROGRESS articles I have ever written. With great sadness, I share with you, that we have lost three more members from our elevator family to “accidents” all three fatalities happened in North America, not that it matters where. There were three separate accidents and in one of the “accidents” there was also an elevator family member who was critically injured, but luckily, he has survived! Will this never end? We will all miss the three mechanics and pray for the speedy recovery of the helper injured. 
          Along with all this terrible news, an elevator inspector almost became a fatality while doing his job after entering a pit on a LULA. Not one of these “accidents” should have happened. I see no reason to list names or details, they are just “accidents”, so who really cares, we all should! The details will be known to most in time. Why do I put quotes around the word, accident? For two reasons: I hate hearing the word and I personally believe that there are very few actually accidents by definition. To me an accident is when a plane falls on your head, a slim chance of happening at 1 in 400,000,000 or possibly you get hit by a meteorite, odds are 1 in 1,600,000, events which are preventable are not “accidents”. To digress, why no reason to list names and details of the “accidents”? Names will be forgotten and details will fade, we all have such short memories these days, so all will fade away quickly, while the pain and sorry remains in the lives of the survivors forever, such a shame for the people who are forced to remember. How will the rest of us never forget and never fall victim?
It is time for all the industry to fix this safety issue, elevator companies, all segments of labor, every elevator trade organization and every individual who works in or around the industry needs to find a way to come together and work to put an end to this carnage. These past few weeks has hit me like a ton of bricks and it shows me and many that we are not doing enough. NAESA will find a way to keep safety of the worker and the rider always foremost, this I promise. Please, let’s work together to put an end to this recurring awful news. Contact me with your ideas and let’s see if we can form a safety council from all segments of the industry as I listed earlier to try and find the golden nugget to stop this insanity. Please contact Bob Shepherd 609-780-5551 if you believe you can help!
An Accident: 
1. an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.
2. an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause.
“An accident, also known as unintentional injury, is an undesirable, incidental, and unplanned event that could have been preventedhad circumstances leading up to the accident been recognized, and acted upon, prior to its occurrence. Most scientists who study unintentional injury avoid using the term "accident" and focus on factors that increase risk of severe injury and that reduce injury incidence and severity (Robertson, 2015).”
          Seems like nothing is working, the same old is still the same old and people are still getting injured and some are dying, while installing and servicing elevating devices of all designs. Looks like we need to try something new to change the status quo and wake up the masses, let’s poke and awaken the safety listlessness and boredom with an added personal touch of safety caring. Most people are aware in some manner; alcohol anonymous, weight watchers, exercise trainers, educational tutors and the like which often use coaches or sponsors to help people get through the day, night and the hard times. Why not have a safety buddy, a friend, a safety sponsor, someone dedicated to a person to enhance the safety message daily and to be there when things get tough or confusing to help a friend avoid taking a risk. Ok, so I sound crazy, but what is in place now, the safety status quo is not working. If you believe it is working and you are comfortable with a serious accident or fatality happening every couple of months or that some certain amount fatalities are part of the industry, then shame on you! I will never accept a single fatality and I believe no one else ever will! Team up, become safety buddies and help keep a friend alive. Be there for your friend, fellow father, mother, husband, wife, brother or sister. Team up and say hi each morning and remind your safety buddy to work safe and remember who waits for you at the end of the day. You will call a friend to talk about who won that ballgame, so let’s all find a friend to call and talk about safety which is much more important. Please help keep a friend safe and at the same time keep yourself safe!
Share the below to all, it worked for me when my mind was racing and my anxieties were trying to take over: 
Any level of anxiety can cloud your thoughts and may lead to an accident, to you or the public!

Twelve steps for Safety and Life:

  1. If you feel your anxieties taking over, stop what you are doing immediately
  2. Find a safe place and exhale ten deep breaths, inhaling takes care of itself
  3. Never forget your loved ones, call a special person now
  4. Talk about now to yourself and do a hazard assessment of the situation
  5. Focus on "the now", don’t forget the small stuff, it may hurt you
  6. Continually think of your safety and your family and friends waiting for you
  7. Get help as needed, put pride aside, don't let your ego cloud your judgment
  8. When help via telephone is not absolutely needed, turn off your cell phone.
  9. Remove distractions: tell distracting people to go away
  10. Once calm, then and only then start the task after you have mitigated all risk and have a plan in place to proceed safely
  11. Don’t hesitate to start the steps over if anxieties rise again
  12. Recognize when all has failed, get help and support immediately

In closing:
          I will be speaking at the Wisconsin Elevator Safety Symposium once more and I will be talking SAFETY, I am just speaking for thirty minutes, so I will talk fast, please be there for safety and me! I can’t wait to see my friends and NAESA members once more. Dates: Wisconsin Symposium, September 28th & 29th
          Also with all the speakers, there will be a very informative presentation given at the Wisconsin Symposium given by: Geraldine Burdeshaw of ASME describing the Interpretation/Inquiry process and what a Code Case is and its future use. Don’t miss it, the conversation will be very informative and help with an inspector’s duties. 
Let’s continue to work together to help save lives by doing whatever it takes, life is worth the effort! I love you all and I want you all here with me for many years to come! 
Thanks for listening and your support, be safe!


          Bob Shepherd
          “Stay Safety Pinned” 

Elevator Radio Show 479 - Week 09/20/17


Another accident claims the life of a technician in Montreal which brings the count up to three this year. Details are very limited at this time and we ask you to keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.   As more information is released I’ll share it on the program. I’m proud to have been a part of the Elevator Safety Summit and truly hope that the recommended steps each of the working committees comes up with are accepted and adopted so that we never have to read another story like this again.   

Elevator Radio Show 478 - Week 09/13/17


What a week it’s been. Hurricane Irma struck Florida hard leaving 12 dead in the state and destruction in its path.  The death toll in Texas was last reported at 70 showing us just how powerful Mother Nature can be.  As both Texas and Florida continue to cleanup and rebuild I encourage you to donate to a charity that benefits those most in need.   I have already donated the amount that would have been used to exhibit and attend the convention this year that was postponed.   This amount was split equally between Hurricane Harvey and Irma specific funds set up by The American Red Cross.  In addition our industry suffered another fatality in Canada and on Monday we remembered the sixteenth anniversary of 9/11.

2017 NAEC Convention Postponed


Hot off the email. The NAEC Conference next week has been postponed due to hurricane Irma. It is totally the right move to make and I'm not sure an easy one.  Keep those in the islands that got hit hard in your thoughts and prayers as well as our friends and family in Florida there too. Let's not forget those in Houston still dealing with Harvey and the clean up effort. 

9/7/17 - 2:04 PM CST
From the NAEC Board and Staff
Due to Hurricane Irma’s anticipated effect on Orlando, NAEC’s Convention & Expo scheduled for September 11 – 14, 2017, is postponed.  We are working currently on new dates and will send information as soon as we know details.  We will address any questions at that time. 
Please know we are carefully reviewing the industry calendar as well as religious and national holidays.  
Thank you for the outpouring of understanding, care, and appreciation.  Your kindness and expression of support this week has given us renewed energy to focus on meeting the needs of everyone! 

NAEC Board and Staff

Elevator Radio Show 477 - Week 09/06/17


As Houston starts the cleanup/rebuilding process please consider donating financially if you’re able to do so.  Here’s a link to an article which can help you decide where you donation will go the furthest. I know we have ERS Family down in the area and our thoughts are with them during this difficult time.  Now Puerto Rico, the surrounding islands and Florida have to worry about Irma and what appears to be one of the worst hurricanes to hit Florida in a long time.  Let’s hope it loses some strength the closer to land it gets.  Those of you headed to the NAEC Convention, safe travels. I’m looking forward to seeing so many of you down in Orlando.


No Show This Week - 08/30/17


There’s now show this week as I just returned for taking my son to college.  I want to let both friends and family know in the Houston and surrounding area that you’re in our thoughts right now.  The news coverage of the flooding that we’re seeing is devastating.  If there’s anything any of your industry family can help you with please reach out to me and I’ll spread the word and I, along with others, will help you the best that I can. 

I wanted to share this one story with you as it directly relates to flooding and elevators.  This same type of accident happened in 2001. Let’s take steps to ensure that accidents like this don’t happen again the next time any type of flooding occurs where elevators are present.


Elevator Radio Show 476 - Week 08/23/17


I was serious whenever I’ve stated on the show that when traveling outside the US and Canada to think twice about using elevators and escalators. The lead horrific story on today's show is the reason why.  This week has too many articles that relate to accidents and I hope that you share them with those you work with.  Use them as learning tools, pick an article, see what might have been done differently, speculate on what might have happened and how to prevent it from happening the future. Today's show theme; Use the articles as tools for accident prevention both for workers and for the general riding public.  

No Show - 8/16/17

No show this week as it’s been one of those weeks that simply has too many irons in the fire. I did get up early this morning but quickly realized that going for a bicycle ride and watching the sunrise was going to do more for my mind, body and soul than putting in a 14 hour day of work. So now it will only be a 10 hour day. I’ll be back next week.

Elevator Radio Show 475 - Week 08/09/17

I’m back from a nice vacation with my family and as always wish it was longer.  It’s a short show today as it appears many are taking vacations as before the kids go back to school.  On the show today we discuss the amusement ride accident in Ohio an editorial piece regarding the city of NY and the first ever VR Elevator to the Moon game. Enjoy it everyone, it’s good to be back.


Elevator Radio Show 474 - Week 07/26/17

Another fatality in NY as news reports shared that a construction worker/electrician was found inside of an elevator shaft between the 5th and 6th floors of a building.  What needs to be shared with everyone is that he was a father of five and husband who didn’t should have been home that night.  Safety never takes a vacation, neither should any of us! 

This is our prize pack giveaway show so stay tuned to the end to see if you are the winner. We’re giving away a $100 Visa Gift Card along with some cool goodies donated by the following companies.  

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Elevator Radio Show 473 - Week 07/19/17


It’s great to be back after what has felt like much longer than four weeks. I feel like I haven’t lost a step. As per last week’s post I truly am thankful for the outpouring of emails, calls and texts I received. There were simply too many to respond to.  As we head into the back end of July things are starting to settle down a bit which is a welcome state to be in and I even have a vacation planned for the first week of August with my family I’m looking forward to. With the start of August also means the Chicago Elevator Golf Outing is fast approaching.  If you like or love to golf come out and join us for a day of fun and new this year is a competition where your foursome might just be crowned the Chicago Elevator Open Champions of 2017.  Get your registrations in today for golf stay for dinner and enjoy the legendary raffle at night.

Next Show 7/19/17

I appreciate everyone’s patience in getting the show back online. It’s been a tough month as months go with my wife going into the hospital for a week the 3rd week in June. I haven’t had the chance to post on the show website about why the show hasn’t been up and online since for a month and for that I apologize. For those of you who have been wondering and have sent me emails and texts about Tiffany and the show I greatly appreciate it.  My beautiful bride is making a full recovery and I’m grateful she’s where she is today.

In addition to this travel, work and vacation schedules have made it extremely difficult to fit a show in. If you’re a long time listener and part of the Elevator Radio Show Family you’ll remember the reason for producing the show at 2 am each Wednesday is because I simply didn’t have any other time between work and family to do so.  While this week was the week I was supposed to be back, I’m covering for a few people on vacation this week and head up to northern Wisconsin for a Memorial Presentation for project I’ve been involved with for over a year.

No excuses here, I just felt I owed it to you all for some type of explanation. I care about the ERS show and bringing it to you each week and will be doing so next Wednesday. Thank you for listening each week and for being there. 

Elevator Radio Show 472 - Week 06/14/17

It’s off to the University of Virginia next week for the fast approaching Elevator U Conference which is one of my favorite of the year.  I’m looking forward to it and seeing so many of you who listen and support the show. This week is pretty short with less content which is nice to see. It means we’re doing our job to ensure equipment is safe and the news media doesn’t latch on to stories that don’t tell the whole story.  Congratulations to Bobby Schaefer for being honored at the Pop Joe Memorial Golf outing on Tuesday.

Elevator Radio Show 471 - Week 06/07/17


It’s as if the international community exploded with accidents and injuries this past week which were a bit on the concerning side. It makes you realize that other countries around the world struggle with safety as it relates to elevators and escalators.  And while I personally believe here in the US we take safety very seriously with our standards and codes there’s always room for improvement obviously after listening to individuals and presenters at the Elevator Safety Summit.  I sure hope next week’s show is not filled with similar ones. Those attending the CECA Conference, have a great time.

Elevator Radio Show 470 - Week 05/31/17

I was truly honored and humbled to have been part of the first ever Elevator Safety Summit. I’d like to thank Bob Shepherd, Emerald McGehee, Felicity Wilkinson, Jack Day for putting together an event that did nothing but talk about how to make the work place a safer one.  Dave Turner did an excellent job introducing the presenters and it was truly refreshing to see something like this focus entirely on safety.  It also was the perfect way to honor the memory and passion of Bob Caporale Sr who did everything he could to promote our industry and make it safer.  His loss has created a hole which will be difficult to fill for so many of us.  I could feel Bob’s spirit last week in so many of you whom I spoke with. 

At the close of the summit task groups were formed to focus specifically on safe working practices in a variety of high risk work related areas.  What started out as an idea became a reality last week, one that I personally hope leads to zero fatalities as well as injuries in and around the equipment we work on.  Congratulations Bob Shepherd on putting together a first class event.  Thank you for including me, I look forward to the work that completed to make our workforce safer. I also want to thank so many of you who stopped me to say hi. I appreciate it and it’s you that keep me going each week.  Stay “Safety Pinned” everyone.

Elevator Radio Show 469 - Week 05/17/17

Today’s show is a smooth one. Next week is the Elevator Safety Summit and you’ll find the agenda and packet for the event. I’m really looking forward to it and meeting many people whom I’ve never met before.  This is the first type of event of its kind and I have to tip my hat to the man behind the idea for such a conference.  Coming from the field Bob Shepherd understands how important safety is and has put a lot on the line in bringing us all together to talk about and come up with ideas and strategies to prevent accidents from happening.  He’s been promoting this event tirelessly for the last year and I personally admire him for that. I cannot wait for it to start and am honored to be a part of it.


Elevator Radio Show 468 - Week 05/10/17

It’s a heavier show than last week as we lead with an article that reports an 8 year old was killed in a home elevator accident.  These accidents simply tear me up inside to no avail and as a father I can’t imagine ever having to go through the loss of one of your kids.  If you have a client who has a home elevator please share the information that’s provided on the EESF website with any client of yours.   I never want to read about an accident like this again.  In addition the second article talks about the inspections in San Francisco which I provide some additional questions I wish the media would ask.  It was nice to see Michael Fagan sharing his expertise which he did nicely on the segment.  More commentary will be included in the show today.