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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #361 – Week 03/19/14

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ers-caemLast week it was snowing, this week it’s raining…..I think we’re moving in the right direction though as most of the snow in the Chicagoland area is almost gone. I can actually see grass again. Next week there will be no show, Spring Break for the family and while they are headed down to spend time with grandpa and grandma; I’ll be joining them early next week for a short vacation. If you’re headed somewhere for spring break have safe travels.  The show will return the week after, the first week of April.


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Hill climber death prompts new legislation
Letter to the Editor
EW Photo Contest Deadline April 30th
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Escalator starts fire in Moscow
Chicago Cruise Registration Open
What is a rope gripper video
Hotel Roanoke ElevaTOUR
Elevator mod ripout part 8
Husband calls for answers
Bicycle/People Elevator in Spain
Changes for Emerson include elevator
Elevator Music
Really good elevator music
Snowball soaked with mace prevents elevator usage
Elevator in Russia falls in hospital
Downed escalator hurts businesses
Gary Crosby: Local 19 Memoriam

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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #360 – Week 03/12/14

Click Here to download ERS-2014-03-12 #360

I woke up to what appeared to be a winter blizzard and was shocked driving in at how heavy the snow is. I guess the last two days of above freezing temps were enough to warm the ground up, making the snow that fell, wet and slushy. After the show I get to go shovel a bit of it which I hope is the last of this season. Have you ever seen an elevator like the one in this post? The person who sent it to me simply stated, “Only In Iowa”. I can’t imagine the condition of the rest of the elevator when the inside looks like this.



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Elevator U Call for Papers
Register for the IAEC
NAEC Offers Expo Discount
Pitt approves $58M in rennovations
Helipad can save 5-10 minutes in emergencies
Tube’s only wooden escalator to carry last passengers
Engineer, 73, jailed for lift-plunge horror
Phila. Project elevators idea of ‘Elevator Music’
12 elevators you need to see to believe
CEA March Meeting Recap
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Signs of elevator rope wear
Game of Thorne’s virtual elevator experience
Elevator Safety Flaws Persist Despite History of Accidents
10 killed in construction-site collapse
Man falls down elevator shaft in Olyphant
Maxton Manufacturing holds CET Training Classes

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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #358 – Week 02/26/14

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ers-pJust checking out the news this morning there’s a lot to cover. It’s good to be back behind the microphone again. Had a great time in icy Atlanta for the EESF AGM two weeks ago and it was nice to see those that made it in. I know for most of us getting home was the big concern. I’ll recap the meeting provide some highlights of it and cover two weeks’ worth of news which may not be current but it’s still news. As always, thanks for joining me today!
Special thanks to the companies who have donated goodies to the prize pack giveaway!
C.J. Anderson & Company, The National Association of Elevator Contractors, The National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, Peelle, GAL, Truxes, EMS Group, Elevator Bob’s Elevator Pictures, Minnesota Elevator, ElevatorGear.com, ElevatorShack.com, ElevatorU.org, Elevator World Magazine, Elevator Cab Renovations, The Elevator Preservation Blog, ECS Corporation, Parts Specialists, Elevatormanstories.com, CodeDataPlate.com, Elevator Riders Riding Club, The pQEI Inspection App & Maxton Manufacturing

News/Article Links:
CEA Meeting March 6th
IAEC Forum Registration site open
NAEC Educational website opens
The worst performing Metro escalators
Space elevators are totally possible
Safe and Efficient Cosmic Travel
Elevator repairman’s body found in elevator shaft
Investigation continues
Accident at hospital construction site kills 11 Bangkok
More on above
Camera’s catch fraudulent claims
Original bear mural hidden in elevator shaft
Escalator step plates stolen in India
MARTA reveals neat facts about elevators and escalators
Worker killed in elevator shaft fall in cement plant
Elevator mod rip out part 2
4 Year Old Boy’s head gets stuck in escalator
Toddler and escalator accident
LES Subway station escalator stops working hours after debut
Murray Morgan bridge elevator still inoperative
URGENT NOTIFICATION: Residential Elevators
Elevator companies help grant teens wish
Boy dies in accident on mall escalator
Old Otis factory building to be used
London’s Escalator Safety
Cool article on Sedgwick Machine works
Second Jury doubles original $4M award

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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #357 – Week 02/05/14

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ers-snwdayHeck of a winter we’re having isn’t it? Between extreme cold weather and snow that comes every week I’m looking forward to attending the EESF Annual General Meeting next week in Atlanta, GA. I sure hope they don’t get any snow. After taking two weeks off I’m happy to be back.  Now let’s get the show on the road.

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CECA Convention Registration Site Open
CEA Meeting Tomorrow Feb. 6th
Camp Hill vets still awaiting elevator
EIGSC Presidents Message – January 2014
Woman injured twice on same elevator?
Woman strangled in escalator by scarf
Escalators in the modern era
Apartment building where 2 year old died had previous issues
Seniors angry with broken elevator
Anxin-China to Buy Elevator Safety Company
Elevator insurance program launched in E. China
NEII® Insider – What is government affairs
Elevators stir up safety concerns
Do’s and don’ts of tear outs
What are your thoughts on urine detection devices
Non Electric elevator video
Ground hoist motor video
Don’t try this at home folks
Dormant escalator to come to life
Boy loses 4 fingers in freak escalator mishap
Woman who released alligator under escalator on crack
One day an elevator might talk to you?
Microsoft tests AI to figure out what floor you’re going to
Old foot bridge accident waiting to happen
Burglary suspect arrested after being stuck in elevator
Downtown office building’s elevator work to cost $800,000
Man tumbles down escalator at at Pentagon City Mall
Oxford Circus the worst offender for lengthy repair work
Group calls for Bronx subway elevator to be restored after 30 years
Porsche Tower with Car Elevators Planned In Miami
How Otis tests the life of an elevator
Escalators in the x-games?
Historic Otis Elevator Video

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