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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #329 – Week 04/03/2013

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Back from a short trip on vacation with family, it was nice to get away and into some warmer weather for a little bit. There are quite a few articles worthy of a read on the show today as well as for sharing so make sure you do so. We have our prize pack giveaway this week and will attempt to discuss the idiots who have come up with the idea of helicopter escalator riding. There will most likely not be a show next week as I’ll be traveling to Boston to present at the MESA meeting. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone out there. Support your local elevator association, get involved. It’s a great way to find out what’s going on in the local and state level. Visit www.mesaassoc.com for more details.

Special thanks to the companies who have donated goodies to the prize pack giveaway!

C.J. Anderson & Company, The National Association of Elevator Contractors, The National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, Peelle, GAL, Truxes, EMS Group, Elevator Bob’s Elevator Pictures, Minnesota Elevator, ElevatorGear.com, ElevatorShack.com, ElevatorU.org, Elevator World Magazine, Elevator Cab Renovations, The Elevator Preservation Blog, ECS Corporation, Parts Specialists, Elevatormanstories.com, CodeDataPlate.com, Elevator Riders Riding Club, The pQEI Inspection App & Maxton Manufacturing


News/Article Links:
Texas orders nearly $86k fine over elevator death
Tampa elevator death video released
Elevator mechanic speaks out for the first time
Schindler introduces elevator that can be powered by sunlight
EW Unplugged Photo of the week
Casino celebrates new $1m escalator
Robinson Elevator Group announces sale of MJR Consulting
 16 Students injured in China escalator accident
Unboxing of some cool elevator parts
Elevator Tweets…..see what you’re missing
These people need to go to jail
The Elevator…..trailer
Elevator low on oil
Interesting elevator freight
More elevator pranks on the public
Escalator grabs person and holds them upside down?
TKE One World Trade Center Escalator Rigging Photos
Shoot to Honor and Support
CJA Launches Youtube Channel
CEA Meeting tomorrow with a chance to win a free round of golf!
Courthouse elevator to be replaced
Man dies in elevator after it stops during power outage
Elevators = Urinals?

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03. Apr, 2013
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Post: December 20th, 2011: ERS-2011-12-20 #280 Show Notes

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It’s hard to believe that two terrible elevator accidents happened on the opposite ends of the country, yet the reason for why each occurred will most likely be connected to the same underlying issues.  Never before have I been scared of riding in an elevator, however the accident in New York makes me think twice about doing so.  It seems that whenever accidents like these happen many of us turn our heads and don’t want to say anything while others take a step forward, identifying the issues and making improvements to ensure accidents like this don’t happen in the future. Make the choice to step forward, make a difference, discuss with your coworkers and make improvements that protect everyone who ride and work with elevators and escalators.

News/Article Links:

Concerned Elevator Consultant Speaks Out 2007
Elevator Kills Woman in New York
Complete Video Coverage of Accident in NY
Gothamist Covers Carrajat
Elevator Horror Stories in one nice little article
NY Times Covers Accident
More Light Shed on other accidents
Insight into accident
Unsafe elevation
Failure to maintain elevators
NY Elevator repairman charged with maiming woman
Are elevators really hazardous to your health
Long Beach Elevator Accident Details, investigation continues
Man Suspected of lighting woman on fire in elevator
New product for hydraulic elevators
No one ever bought anything on an elevator?
Elevator Mechanic rises up to call of duty
NEII® Responds to Elevator Safety
Elevating to new Heights. TV Tower Pics
Rekindled interest in elevator safety bill
MCE Tape Reader Fault
Elevator Man Stories Kindle Edition Released
NEII® online Accident Document Source
HUD looks into elevator problems at Thousand Oaks

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21. Dec, 2011
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Post: January 20th, 2010: ERS-2010-01-20 #189 Show Notes

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It’s a full show today everyone! There were more stories than last week and some important ones to print out or forward to a friend. Next week on the show we’ll have our prize pack giveaway which will be a $100 gift card to Kegworks, one of our affiliate stores who support us so make sure you listen to next weeks show.

Listener Links:
ElevatorShack Forum
Time Out Jumper! Could Save A Life!

News Links:
John Quackenbush Dies at 70
Cops rescue women stuck in elevator for 8 days
Escalator System in Hong Kong’s Mid-levels
Clark courthouse evacuated after problem with elevator
Pitching your idea to venture capitalist
In Memory of Loy
Man falls to death in elevator shaft
Mitchell Elevator for sale
More dog abuse caught on video in elevator

National Elevator Industry Establishes New Membership Category
Otis must face suit over WTC Elevators
The broken escalator phenomenon
Watertown firefighters rescue Brigham House Resident from stalled elevator
Struggling to get fit, try these tips
5 Year Old survives fall down elevator shaft
County to look at contract for elevator work
Burj Khalifa – Growing pains or mishaps of monumental proportions?
Grant pays to replace escalator
Is it possible for a new elevator to mess up a ADSL line?
Man charged for beating, robbing in elevator
13 Stuck in Oshawa elevator
Otis sets up elevator plant on Chongqing
More on Milwaukee Elevator Death Story

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20. Jan, 2010