Post: January 18th, 2006 - ERS-2006-1-18 #6 Show Note

Click here to download ERS-2006-1-18 #6 Well I did my best, but I think the show is going to be 60 minutes long, no matter what I do. I apologize for not being up on many of the stories listed below. It's been a busy beginning of the week and I didn't get to review many before I recorded. Still lots of great content this week. New technology, news and events going on. Thanks for supporting our show and for listening. Make sure you sign up for our e-newsletter and you'll qualify for our monthly contest. Let us know what you think, what you'd like to talk about and what you think about the show. Thank you all for listening and supporting the show and the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation !

Links: NAESA Calendar, NAEC Calendar, NAVTP Events,   EESF Events , Faulty Elevator Saves...I Mean Traps 15,   Workers Rescued, again, Study To Make Elevator Safer, New Elevators Leave Seniors Hung Up,   Elevator Accident Philippines, A&E's Elevator Pilot,   Elevator Moods,   Elevator Pitch China Style, Elevator Ad Revenues, Duke Hospital & Hydraulic Fluid, Bids Opened for Elevator Project, Push In Punks Rob Elderly Man, Elevator Blog, Elevators Can Make You Sick, Women in Wheelchair Dies,   Elevator Mechanic Helped Evacuate Burning Church, Michigan Adopts New Code,   Maglev Elevator by 08, Schindler Cuts Jobs in Vienna,   E-Bay Stuff, enter elevator in search box along with the key word that I mentioned during the show.