Post: March 15th, 2006 - ERS-2006-3-15 #14 Show Notes

Click POD Icon to download ERS-2006-3-15 #14 - show here! This week we get back to our normal format. We've got two more shows until our March giveaway so make sure you're all signed up! One lucky winner will walk away with a prize pack filled with a Gift Basket from the NAEC, an MP3 Player and other great items donated by companies. It's not to late to get in the running! Lots of great news stories and items for sale on E-Bay, the last item is a gem!!!! Have a great week everyone!

Links: NAESA Calendar, NAEC Calendar,   NAVTP Events,   VTCCU Atlanta ,   EIG Events,   Durham Elevator a Real Downer,   Students To Admin More Access,   Upset Tax Paying Transit Rider,   Hudson Line Stations To Get New Elevators,   Thyssen Moves Headquarters,   Tulsa Elevator Malfunction Evacuates Building,   KONE to expand India Manufacturing Facility,   Elevator No Longer Charlotte's Top Attraction,   Dulles Rail May Reduce Access,   Space Junk and the Space Elevator,   Burj Dubai Will Have the Highest Elevator Installation,   ThyssenKrupp Introduces Customizable Residential Elevator,   Investing Money In Downtown Tulsa,   The Women On The Elevator,   Going Down...Elevators In San Diego,   Elevator Escalator Safety Article,   9 Year Old Boy Crushed To Death,   $90,000 To Synchronize Elevators? Elevator Operators Keep Vintage Elevators Going,   Space Elevator More Thoughts,   E-Bay Stuff, enter elevator in search box along with the key word that I mentioned during the show.