Post: March 22nd, 2006 - ERS-2006-3-22 #15 Show Notes

Click POD Icon to download ERS-2006-3-22 #15 - show here! News, news, and more news. Get it while it's hot! What did the pneumatic vacuum elevator sell for?  The's killing me! I've got more energy in today's show than the energizer bunny. I am actually recording the show at home later in the evening. I think this format is going to work better than the 2:30 am time frame I've been doing for the last fifteen weeks. Next week one of you will win our March Giveaway Prize Pack, say that three times fast. Included is a Gift Basket donated by the NAEC an MP3 Player and some cool items that were also donated by our friends at Fujitec, GAL and C.J. Anderson. This show is shorter, 48 minutes so don't fret. Some good stories and items on E-bay for sale are included as well. See you next Wednesday everyone. Enjoy the show!

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