Post: June 21st, 2006 - ERS-2006-6-21 #28 Show Notes

Click here to download ERS-2006-6-21 #28 Lots to cover today, I'm actually turning stories away, if you can believe it. We've also got lots of Ebay goodies listed. Next week is our prize pack giveaway so make sure your e-mail address has been submitted. If you think you've sent it in and you're not getting weekly e-mails from us then submit another e-mail address. We have many people with pending approvals which means spam filters are blocking out our automatic reply's. Lot's of great guesses in last weeks, guess how many times the kids asked..."Are we there yet?".  Lots of close guess, but only one winner! Listen to find out who walked away with $50 bucks!

Links:  NAESA Calendar, NAEC Calendar,   VTCCU Atlanta ,   EIG SC Events,   EAF Events,   CEA Events, ECNY Events,   33rd Annual Memorial Invitational Outing,   Man Survives 3 Days In Elevator, Gov't Eyes Simpler Rules For Elevator Management,   Pleasanton Firm Thrives On Baby Boomers,   Peelle Doors Website Update,   Power Outage Triggers Elevator Rescues,   Gov't To Tighten Lift Standards,   Elevator Malfunction Reports,   After Elevator Accident,   Schindler Says Elevator Troubles Caused By Program Glitches,   Fatal Accident Linked To Brake, Two Tokyo Elevators Trap 13,   Cranston Man Still In Critical Condition After Escalator Fall,   Scare Clears Terminal At LAX,   Teenager Released From Hospital After Elevator Accident,   County Eyes New Elevator,   Space Colonies Will Be Needed,   Escalator Information Help,   Boy Crushed To Death In Newark,   Seniors Get Shaft,   Wittur Turkey Brings Elevator Systems 40 Percent Quicker,    NYC Marriott Marquis Debuts New Elevator System,   Stair Cross Opens Another Location,   Iowa State Seeking 135M For Hilton Upgrades,   Elevator Media Channel Rises To Next Level,   New Elevator For Clock Tower,   Bay Stuff, enter elevator in search box along with the key word that I mentioned during the show.