Post: July 5th, 2006 - ERS-2006-7-5 #30 Show Notes

Click here to download ERS-2006-7-5 #30 Happy Fourth of July Everyone! Last night the fire works were exceptional in our neck of the woods. I'm a little tired and suspect many of you are on vacation this week. If you're listening to the program delayed I hope you all had a great time! I'll cover our surprise anniversary party and the fun we had there. We might not have a show next week everyone as I might be on vacation. I'll set up an automatic e-mail this week to be sent out on Wednesday to notify everyone if I'm away and unable to get a show up. If you haven't already done so enter your e-mail address in the box above so you'll get the notice. If you miss me, like I'll miss you, listen to an archived show, one of our first ten. Thanks again for listening everyone.

Links:  NAESA Calendar, NAEC Calendar, NAVTP Calendar, EIG SC Events, EAF Events, CEA Events, ECNY Events, Music Group COLDPLAY Stuck IN Elevator, TNT Opens Distribution Center For Otis, Elevator Running, Work Continues On Elevator That Slipped Brake, Sleepless Nights, Poetry Readings In Elevator, Frightening Robbery In Elevator Caught On Video, Metro Rushes To Fix Escalators, Lack of Funding Delays Stadium Repairs, Man Stuck In Elevator, Death Of Boy In Elevator Is Probed, Florida Officials Decide Condos Must Have Generators, Repairs Fall Into Chasm Of Silence, Escalator Accidents In Australia, Escalating A Problem, 8 Trapped In Satellite, Nu-Tech Sets Up Manufacturing Plant, Korea Missile Launches...Stocks Drop, People Trapped In Elevators...About 9,000 Times In Japan '04', Man Shot In Elevator, NASA Space Shuttle Link, Think Green...Save Energy,  Ebay Stuff, enter elevator in search box along with the key word that I mentioned during the show.