Post: January 31st, 2007 - ERS-2007-01-31 #57 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2007-01-31 #57 I didn't' realize how excited I was for the Bears this week until I heard some pretty neat Bears songs that were put out on the Internet by fans. I'll share them with you on todays show.  This show we giveaway a Bears jersey as well as some great goodies from the following companies;   Fujitec America, GAL, The National Association of Elevator Contractors, The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, COMPANY SRL, Peelle, C.J. Anderson, Quality Elevator Products, Truxes, Atlas Elevator, EMS Group & Formula Systems! 

Links:  NAESA Calendar,   NAEC Calendar,   NAVTP Calendar,    EIG SC Calendar,   CEA Calendar, EAF Calendar,   ECNY Calendar,   EESF Annual Meeting,    Eight Ways To Avoid Germs,   Neighbors Pleased With T Elevator Plan,   Halsey Center Could Open As Soon As Fall,   School District Has Handle On Budget,   College Elevators Under Scrutiny,   Apartment Sold To Help Pay For Elevator,   Elevator Plunge Rewound,   Elevator Firm Faces Fines For Plunge,    Elevator Stalls...Traps World Press Winners,   Community Responds After Store Owner Injured In Elevator,   Courthouse Elevator Working Again,   Elevator Companies And Union Reach Five Year Agreement,   Man Crushed To Death By Elevator,    Space Elevator Video Footage,   Women/Kids Trapped In Elevator,   Uniontown School Sounds Very Nice,   Homeless Man Charged In Elevator Death,   Patrick Brings New Style To Statehouse,   Garage Elevator Continues To Be A Problem,   Singapore Offers 1M Prize For War Robots...That Can Work Elevators,   Teen Dies While Trying To Leap From Escalator,   Bob Brady Vows To Use Lift If Elected,   KONE Wins Moscow Order,   KONE 4th Quarter Profits Sore,   Space Elevator Blog,   Elevator Prank,   Face Recognition System Is Working,   Stuck In An Elevator..What Would You Do,   KONE Looking For Escalator Technicians,    Escalator Handrail Talks About Business,   Theatre Group To Perform In Elevator,   Funny Elevator Joke,   Library Approves Elevator Contract...Coffee Shop,   ADA Destination Based Keypad Mfg Makes For Otis,   Miami Herald..Escalator On Fritz,   Signs..Does Anyone Read Them,    Elevator Testimony...How Did It Get This Far,   Schindler Confirms On Track Profit,   Hitachi Introduces Elevator With Earthquake Control Operation,   Worker Fatally Falls Down Elevator Shaft,   EBay Stuff, enter elevator in search box along with the key word that I mentioned during the show