Post: April 4th, 2007 - ERS-2007-04-04 #65 Show Notes

 Click Here to download ERS-2007-04-04 #65 April's here with showers in the midwest. We went from 60's yesterday to 30's today. I can't wait for Spring. Due to some technical difficulties that took longer than expected to iron out we weren't able to put together the interview with Bob Beyer (NAVTP) as we promised to air on this weeks show. We have it scheduled for later on this morning and if everything goes according to plan we'll share it with you next week. If you haven't already done so can you please take our survey ? Regular show this week with Ebay goodies so sit back and enjoy. Links:  NAESA Calendar,   NAEC Calendar,   NAVTP Calendar,    EIG SC Calendar,   CEA Calendar, EAF Calendar,   ECNY Calendar,   CECA Calendar,  High Winds Trigger Seismic Switches, KONE To Move Local Plant To Mexico, Construction Noisy In Elevator Shafts, What Goes Up Must Come Down, Stuck In An Elevator, Elevator Pump Catches Fire, Elevators Make Arena Work Easier, UM Police Remind You Of Elevator Safety, 15 Trapped In Tower Of Americas, Escalator Skier Story Reckless, View The Actual Video Here, Otis Elevator India Story, When College Students Have Too Much Time...(NOT a Child Safe Video),  Space Elevator Blogg Turns 1, Elevator Dorint Hotel, NYC Practice Your Fire Safety Plan, Fire Fighters Call For Their Own Rescue, Schindler Acquires Van Tech, Elevator Checks Lagging, Lloyd O Dunn Elevator Constructor Passes Away, EBay Stuff, enter elevator in search box along with the key word that I mentioned during the show