Post: August 8th, 2007 - ERS-2007-08-08 #82 Show Notes

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I need your help everyone! No not with a new computer...even though I do need this but I really need your help. I'll explain on the show today. Lots to talk about today as we skip over the ebay stuff this week to get caught up on the news of two weeks.  I need your help everyone!!! Please send Jessica Packard an e-mail at the Crocs Company and let her know that you read the article in the Washington Post about soft soled shoes. Ask her when the Crocs Company plans on supporting the EESF! Her contact information is as follows: Jessica Packard, 303-848-7197  - If you have kids or grand kids they most likely are wearing these shoes. The Crocs Company has an excellent opportunity to promote escalator safety! Please let them know this via your e-mail.

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