Post: November 7th, 2007: ERS-2007-11-07 #93 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2007-11-07 #93 vdayWow, I can't believe it's already November. Next week is Elevator Escalator Safety Week! If you're like me and love elevators and escalators make sure you're doing your part to ensure that kids and older adults are educated in riding them. There are many ways you can help, visit today to learn about them. I want to thank all of you who have purchased items from our online store.  Your support helped us raise $500.00 which was sent to the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation last week!  We've got a great show for you today with some pretty important stories that you'll be the first to learn about, some of which just posted moments ago.  Also remember that this Sunday is Veterans Day. If you know a Veteran please thank them for serving our country. 

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Listener Links:  Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation - Safety Week Is Coming Up!  Click Here For Planning Guide!

News Links: KONE to Stop Making Hydraulic Elevator Girl Only Slightly Injured After Getting Hand Stuck In Escalator Plaza Square Owner Files For Bankruptcy Magnetek Hoping To Lift From It's Elevator Market Fire Extinguished At Dynatech Center Downtown Building Goes Up In Flames Power Efficiency Invited To Participate In CET Program KONE To Move Headquarters From Moline To Lisle Enchanted Elevator Shafts BC Safety Authority Takes Stand On Escalator Safety See A Soldier, Be Gracious and By Him/Her Lunch Are High Rises Green? Aged Elevators Approaching End Slow Ride For "Green" Elevators Hub Acquires Elevator Insurance Specialists JM Associates Elevator Malfunction Evacuates Village Worker Dies After Elevator Shaft Fall Seniors Told To Take Stairs Deer Takes Escalator Down To Metro Veterans Day Tribute - Thank A Veteran This Sunday!