No Show Today....Recovering From Christmas Dinner!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas! We really had a great time as we spent it with family which to me is better than any present I could have received. Santa stopped by our house while everyone was sleeping and I suspect that if you have little ones he stopped by your house as well. If you're taking the rest of this week off, enjoy! Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone.  I'll talk to you next year....or shall I say next Wednesday! Don't more week to guess how many downloads we've had since we started this madness. Ninety-nine many total downloads do you think we've had? Send your guess in and you'll get a $100 gift certficiate to one of the affiliate stores shown on our site! Cafepress, Kegworks, Duluth Trading Company, Tiger Direct or KNET Golf! Send your guesses into: