Post: June 11th, 2008: ERS-2008-06-11 #121 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2008-06-11 #121 We will be skipping over Elevator News on the show today. Instead I share with you my interview with David Cooper, from LECS, UK.  I spoke with David a week and a half ago regarding his escalator accidents research report, The Lift Academy, The University of Northampton and the Lift & Escalator Industry Charity. David presented his Escalator Accident paper at the NAVTP Conference in May and had some important information to share. It was also nice to hear about the other endeavors he's been involved with too. Next week I'll be attending the Elevator U Conference which will be held in Arizona. I'm looking forward to that and will do my best to kick a show out from the road. Thanks for joining us today everyone. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Click The Link Here To Dowload David's Research Paper: accidents-on-escalators-involving-trolleys-msc-final-dissertation1

Interviewee Links: LECS, UK Lift Academy Press Release From Elevations Magazine Elevator & Escalator Accident Investigation and Litigation Book  University of Northampton

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