Post: Phone Lines Down - No Show Today!

It's only happened one other time in the last two years but due to technical issues there will be no show today. Yesterday around lunch time all of the phone lines went down at work including the Internet.  The loss of the DSL line is going to prevent me from doing the show today as everything I do revolves around the Internet!  Some important notes, some of which I will cover next week are below. Elevator U Conference - Back from Phoenix, AZ it was a very informative and educational event. It was great to see everyone there and I appreciate all the hard work from the board of directors and committee members. I had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit from the presenters. Thanks to everyone who participated and attended the event. Elevator U is going to have a great 2008!

EESF Cruise- Tonight here in Chicago we cruise for Elevator and Escalator Safety! I would personally like to thank the companies who sponsored the event and those who are cruising! We've raised a lot of money for The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation! It's not too late to attend. For more info click the EESF Cruise Link!

Colley Elevator Turns 100- Congratulations to Colley Elevator in Chicago. In today's world of mergers and acquisitions it's nice to see an independent elevator company family business alive and well. Congratulations to Colley on your anniversary.

One Stop Elevator Is Launched- A great guy and a great site! Elevator Bob has done it again with a cool online magazine cover and online store! All proceeds go directly back to the EESF! So check out some very cool products with's photos on them! Great job Bob!

Thanks to everyone who emailed me regarding David Cooper's interview. I'll cover those next week on the show. Other than that next week will be unfortunately packed with elevator accidents and deaths worldwide. In the last two weeks there have been a record number.  

On an up beat note next week we'll be giving away an MP3 Player as well as some great giveaways from participating companies. Sorry everyone, I'll talk to you next week everyone!