Post: August 20th, 2008: ERS-2008-08-20 #128 Show Notes

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It's great to be back from vacation everyone! After a week off in the Northwood's of Wisconsin I'm glad to be home. I'm a bit swamped as was to be expected and am glad that the numbers of stories online were low but the importance of some of them very high, two of which had tragic endings. The first involved a five year old and the second a construction worker. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. When you see unsafe elevators let someone know, especially the building owner! No client is worth the loss of a life. I don't care how cheap or how much work they promise to give you down the road Take a proactive step and identifying problems with elevators and notifying your customer about them. Document them and press them to make safety upgrades! (Pictured Right shows the obsudity of the Olympic Logo Police as they put masking tape over every logo they can find that is not an official sponsor of the games)

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