Post: November 12th, 2008: ERS-2008-11-12 #137 Show Notes

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It's Elevator Escalator Safety Week everyone and we've got a couple of cool stories about how some are promoting it! Well my kids are feeling much better and it's good to be back. I apologize for missing last weeks show and realize that as much as I look forward to doing it each week many of you look forward to listening to it. We'll get caught up on all the news today, share some press releases and talk about the upcoming schedules for the various elevator associations listed below. Also on topic for the show today is the fun Holiday Elevator Auction that is going to happen over on Dece 1-5, all proceeds to benefit the EESF! (Pictured Right: AdRails USA & VTX Join SEPTA to promote Escalator Safety!)

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News Links: Escalator Safety Is Up To You Too! Adrails USA & EHC Celebrates National Escalator Safety Week With SEPTA & VTX SEPTA to Join The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation To Promote Safe Riding $112 Million To Be Spent To Improve Elevators And Inspections at NYCHA City Housing Officials Questioned Over Elevator Repairs Council Members Skeptical of Elevator Repair Plan Wireless Elevator Camera Perfect For Elevators 12 Dead In China Elevator Accident 6 Year Old Boy Gets Stuck In Escalator Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Elevator Door Crushes Man Elevator Malfunction Doesn't Stop Voters Eliminating Guardrails At Elevator Saved $1K But Cost $2.17M Fire Shuts Down Marlborough Hotel Elevator Grant To Help Install Elevator In Building Kids-in-Crocs Safety Concern Down Under Lewis Elevator Malfunction Should Outrage Resident Students Media Invited To Inauguration of the Second Elevator At St. Joseph's Motorcycle Inside Apt. Elevator Pub Beer Sales Down 8.1% - In the UK..... Questionable Inspections Questions Raised Into Legitimacy of Woman's Elevator Fall Top Ten Pointers To Beat The Recession - Business Perspective Woman In City Housing Falls In Elevator Shaft 10 Rescued From City Hall Elevator A Poorly Maintained Elevator Can Fall At Any Time? This guy needs a comment or two! Altoona Firefighter Injured After Fall in Elevator Shaft Aermedia Announces Collaboration with KONE