Post: December 10th, 2008: No Show Today

No show today. I started getting sick last week and thought that I was getting better. When the alarm clock went off this morning, both my mind and body were telling me to stay in bed under the warm covers. I'll be back next week pending high doses of vitamin C and rest. Special thanks to everyone who participated in the EESF Holiday Auction. It was really nice to see all the cool donated items as well as people bidding on them. The Xbox 360 appeared to be the hot item of the auction. Again thanks for everyone who helped make that event a success.

It was also nice to see those of you who attended the CEA Christmas Party last week, especially those of you who came in from out of town. These end of the year parties are always a favorite of mine.  Support your local elevator association if you've got one in your area. They are excellent opportunities to network and stay on top of what's happening in the local elevator industry.

Talk to you all next week! Remember to wash your hands!