Post: December 16th, 2008: ERS-2008-12-16 #141 Show Notes

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It's good to be back after a week off from the show. It's starting to look a lot like Christmas as the US get's hit with some pretty bad weather, ice storms, snow and rain. It's not even winter yet!  We've got a good show for you today and I've got lots of energy.  As we head into the last weekend before the holiday try not to get bogged down with holiday humbug. Take a moment and give thanks for all that you have no matter how little it might be. Enjoy the holidays with some good food, drink and family. 

No show next week as it's Christmas Eve but we will be back on the following week. The last day of the year! We'll give away our last prize pack giveaway for 2008 which is going to be a Flip Video Recorder. Have a nice holiday everyone.

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