Wireless Elevator Technology...Are We Ready?

ec91smh100dI went on a rant on the show today regarding a company press release talking all about its new wireless communication system that can be used on elevators. This system in essence would minimize or eliminate wires all together and save the elevator installer or building owner a lot of money in not having to purchase expesnive wire and traveling cable.  (click on picture for full article story) While I don't doubt the claim of cost savings when cables are elliminated I do question the viability of the product in our industry.  I have serious concerns about the following;

  • EMI or Electro Magnetic Interference 
  • Noise Within The System
  • Fail Safe Operation - Or Failure Monitoring
  • Code Compliancy
  • Product Longevity and Replaceability
  • Troubleshooting

Don't get me wrong I LOVE wireless technology, except for my garage door opener that makes me get out of the car each night and walk up to the door pressing the button on my remote as hard as I can until it opens.  The future of the internet I believe lies in the WIFI networks that are slowly poping up in cities accross the US. 

I am also concerned that companies put these kinds of press releases out looking for a company to come in and develop it so that it is a working product. I would think that more research might have been done other than looking at industries where lots of money is spent on wires and wiring.  I failed to read about any current installations or testing sites that are being worked on and I doubht that here in the states this technology would ever be allowed.

Perhaps I'm wrong and some day will be eating my words. Call me an old timer but wires to me are easier to trouble shoot!  Do you see wireless technology coming to the Elevator Industry beyond cameras? Only time will tell.

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