Post: April 8th, 2009: No Show Today

punch-small-fun1 I'm having some technical difficulty this morning with my mixing board and laptop interface. We had a power outage last week and I think it might have caused some damage to it. I'm going to get a new one on order today which should arrive before next week's show.

Thanks to all the positive feedback with my three boys helping with the show last week. We all had fun putting it together and am glad you enjoyed it as well. I passed your comments on to them. Perhaps I might have a future ERS host here in my house...mmmm,  you never know.

Last Thursday the NAEC came to town to present at the Chicago Elevator Association meeting. They were nice enough to stay a little longer and came in for an interview on Friday morning. I'll be sharing that on next week's program. NAEC Executive Director Teresa Shirley, President Steve DeGrenier and Board Member Mike Klehr get the opportunity to talk about the benefits the NAEC has to offer. Plus we cover some very important information for signatory companies regarding supervisors and health benefits. You're not going to want to miss next week's show everyone!

Until next week everyone be safe and have a great rest of the week.