Post: May 20th, 2009: ERS-2009-05-20 #159 Show Notes

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Lots to cover here on the show today everyone! We’ll chat about the week’s worth of elevator news that I found online. We’ll also talk about the Inaugural Toronto Boat Cruise to benefit the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation of Canada that’s fast approaching, June 4th, get your tickets today everyone! And I’ll cover my thoughts on the NAEC Sponsored Webinar, which covered the NEII ® Code finder Database that was held last Thursday.  This show is filled to the brim with extra elevator fun! Our Prize pack giveaway is next week and we’re giving away a toolbox, filled with goodies.

For those of you listening here in the United States, Monday is Memorial Day. More than just a three day weekend, this is our opportunity to remember those who have died while fighting for our freedom.  Take a moment to remember a family member for their service to our country. Share a story about them so that they will be remembered by our younger generations. And thank a Veteran for serving!

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