Technical Problems Cancel Today's Show

computer_frustration Sorry everyone but another week without a show. I actually started recording this morning only to find that the anti virus software upgrade for our network, which started yesterday morning, is still going on this morning and is causing some major havoc with Internet Explorer 7 and 8. Plus some of the computers are still downloading the updates.  Boy do I love the blazing speed of DSL.  In addition to the technical issues with the upgrade it’s also corrupted my news reader. I had all the news articles set up and then in an instant they were all gone.

Back to the love hate relationship I have with computers. I guess I'll have to continue to love to hate them or hate to love them or love to love them and then hate to hate them. Next week we'll be giving away our prize pack and will get everyone caught up on our industry’s happenings!

Have a good rest of the week everyone.  Talk to you next Wednesday!