Post: September 22nd, 2009: ERS-2009-09-22 #173 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2009-09-22 #173 Short show from Orlando, nice and sweet! It’s been great to see everyone who stopped by to say hi at the convention today. I appreciate the warm words many of you have shared about this program. As you all know this is a labor of love for me and I do it with the goal of bringing our industry closer together each week.  I realized this morning why we attend these events, whether they be for CECA, Elevator U, NAEC, NAESA or the NAVTP.  It’s about seeing people who we haven’t seen in a while to find out how they’re doing.  It’s about finding out how the economy is impacting each of us. It’s about learning new things through the educational opportunities. It’s about networking with others who either could use a little or provide a little help. It’s more than the exhibits, it’s more than the education, and it’s about working together as an industry to make it a better one.

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