Post: December 16th, 2009: ERS-2009-12-16 #184 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2009-12-16 #184 It’s hard to believe we’re only two weeks away from finishing out 2009. Part of me is glad to see 2009 head out the door while the other part of me worries about what 2010 will bring. Good show today everyone. I was able to cut the elevator/escalator news stories down from 190 which prove there are a lot of people talking and blogging about the equipment in our industry. There were two serious accidents involving escalators. The first a Child's hand was entrapped in one and the second involved child’s boot. What should be common sense isn’t to many parents. There was another freak accident, the first I’ve read about, involving a man, his coat with belt and an elevator. That one is in bold and I’m glad that he’s going to be okay. (Pictured: Elevator mural casts you as Adam on the Sistine Chapel's ceiling.)

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