Post: February 3rd 2010: ERS-2010-02-03 #191 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2010-02-03 #191 Congratulations to the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation for surpassing the half way point of educating 700,000 kids.   Today on the show I’ll be sharing an interview with Mike Ryan, current Chairman of the Board for the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation. This interview was recorded last Tuesday.  Mike explains what the EESF has been up to this past year and how we can all help.  I appreciate Mike taking the time out of his busy schedule to stop in!

After the interview I'll get into the show news content. There are a couple of stories worth reading. The first covers a story down in Atlanta at MARTA and is worth sharing with others in your company. While all the details have not been released a complete report is due out in 30 days that hopefully will help shed some more light on the situation. Thanks everyone for tuning in to the show today!

Listener Links: Support the EESF! They Have Reached 368,868 Kids So Far! Comment talking about escalator accidents - Scroll down to bottom of page Peelle Freight Doors

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