Post: March 10th, 2010: ERS-2010-03-10 #195 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2010-03-10 #195 Back on schedule this week with news and coverage of for sale items over at I’m glad that many of you enjoyed last weeks interview with Dan and his invention the time out jumper. I have the one that’s going to be given away in our end of the month prize pack and it’s pretty cool and compact. To qualify to win please make sure to sign up for our e-newsletter! Also on the program, I rant about escalator safety and am just tired after a busy week last week with travel and meetings! Shorter on the news content this week which is nice for a change, one ironic story involving the death of an elevator mechanic who was moving into a building with his wife.

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News Links: 2010 Elevator U Conference Registration Online Elevator problems explain wait at Birch Building Elevator repairman moving into new building falls down shaft CBS 2 Jay Levine misses by a mile Expired elevator permits found in state landmarks Keyed up over elevators Many MARTA escalators will remain closed Things to do in an elevator….the list emerges again! Senator Bunning angry elevator footage Who’s at fault in the Bronx elevator apartment death Sir Stirling Moss injured in home elevator accident Elevator accident statistics and lawyers, wish we hand neither! Elevator lights red, going to hell Neat waiting for the elevator picture Blast from the past Absolutely amazing it’s nice to take the time to thank someone!