Post: September 1st, 2010: ERS-2010-09-01 #218 Show Notes

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It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. My three boys headed back to school yesterday and it just felt like the past three months just flew by. I’m looking forward to a three day weekend and hope that if you’re traveling for your last summer adventure that you have a safe trip. September is the month that most of the local elevator industry’s association meetings start back up again. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your area I encourage you all to attend and support them as there’s always a lot of great information that’s shared. It’s also a great opportunity to find out what’s going on locally in your area. I’ll talk about the calendar of events across the US on the show today and share the articles I found online.

Calendar Of Events:
NAESA Calendar
NAEC Calendar
IAEC Calendar
EIG SC Calendar
CEA Calendar
EAF Calendar
ECNY Calendar
CECA Calendar
EESF Calendar
Elevator U Calendar
MESA Calendar
NCEIG Calendar

News Links:
Sign Up For The Wisconsin Elevator Symposium – 9/21 – 9/22
18 Creative Elevator Ads
Broad collection building design is upside down
Delta Elks Lodge celebrates long awaited elevator
Did the great pyramid have an elevator?
Elderly woman speaks after attack
Elevator problems tax Vancouver tenants
Not really “our” type of elevator story but a nice one to share
Help The 99ers: Elevator Pitch for Americans who want to work
KONE delivers personnel and cargo elevators for Usan FPSO
Illinois: Man hurt fixing elevator
Opinion on residential elevator install
EW Photo of the week - Scary
State Parks to hold information meeting on proposed walkway elevator
Falling Elevator Fallacy – Google Mythbusters + Elevator
Back to school, four teachers get stuck in elevator
The American Dream and why the social elevator stalls
When is an executive too good to let go?
Women targeted in Center City robberies theft
Manhattan man charged with Rape of Bronx elderly woman
Technical service position KONE Elevator India
Teen loses hand in freak lift mishap
Are collapsible grille doors in elevator safe?
Power Efficiently Corporation and Schindler sign agreement
September 2nd Meeting CEA
Metro Rail & Maintenance
Antique Elevator Video at 92 Lonsdale
KONE enhances operations with Ariba