Elevator Family Software for Autodesk Revit

After covering the press release for the Revit Elevator Family software program on a previous podcast I contacted them to see if I could get a demo to play around with. This program has been developed for Autodesk Revit  which is a software program I don’t have nor use. However I do have real world experience working with Visio drafting/engineering software and have so since 1998.  With this background I am familiar with the complexities of creating drawings, making sure everything fits and how time consuming projects can be. The team at Revit was nice enough to put together some online videos that show the product in use and its ease and flexibility.  And I have to say that this product hits a home run out of the ball park.

While I didn’t get the opportunity to play around with the software it looks like a very easy to use program ideal for architects. One issue that concerns me is the database of companies and their drag and drop elevator systems. I strongly believe that the program needs a larger collection of elevator companies who build and sell complete packages. If the architect inserts an elevator template from an elevator company that manufactures and installs their own equipment, it will prevent other elevator companies from bidding on the installation. The database would be better if companies like Minnesota Elevator, Canton, Gillespie, Harris Companies, Elevator Manufacturing, etc. all had templates that could be dropped into any building. This would even the playing field when bidding on installation contracts and may help with future serviceability of that equipment. .

Overall my review is that this is a cool package for Autodesk Revit. For companies out there who would like to get their collection of elevator equipment added to the template contact Jessica Jones at www.revit-content.com

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