EESF Safety Week - Chicago, IL

Today was my day to give back and share the message with the general public about Elevator and Escalator Safety.  I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and after permission from the company who manages Union Station in Chicago and a special permit, I was set.

Not really knowing what to expect I had no idea how many people moved through Union Station in the morning. This was my first time visiting the building which was built in 1925, and I was very impressed by the great hall. I first walked into the building and stood on one of the balconies overlooking the great hall and imagined the thousands of people in the last 85 years who have passed through this building.  I also thought about how much has changed in the past 85 years and how much of the building had not changed.

I had packed my backpack full of EESF literature but chose the Rise Up Safe Rider brochure for my main handout. This was perfect as the majority of people I saw were adults.  I spoke with an elderly couple from New York who had just arrived from a long trip looking weary and lost. I helped them find the exit and handed them a Rise Up Safe Rider brochure along with some of the Safety Rider coloring books and stickers for their grandkids who they were in town visiting.

I positioned myself on the lower lobby by the escalators believing that this was a perfect place to stand and passed out the Rise Up Safe Rider brochure. The biggest hit of the morning happened when families with kids in strollers would pass by looking for the elevator. I directed them but first took the opportunity to pass out the Safety Rider Activity book and gave each child a sticker. They truly seemed to love these items. It seemed to be the highlight of what appeared to be a long journey for many of them. 

Looking back, the kids are who really made this day special. I’m happy to have participated in Elevator Escalator Safety Week and plan on participating next year. Thank you Union Station for permitting me to hand out the Rise Up Safe Rider brochures to the people who traveled through your historic building and for helping them understand the importance of Elevator Escalator Safety Week.