Elevator Passenger Door Accidents

The bottom line is if you want to make sure that your power passenger doors are adjusted properly then the Kinetic Energy Calculator is the tool you need. Certified Conveyance Training Corporation developed this product after they saw a real need of measuring elevator door force.  Much better and more accurate than the typical door pressure gauge with the good old rubber washer, the Kinetic Energy Calculator measures the energy and force for the entire travel of the elevator door to ensure it’s adjusted properly. The Videos Below are worthy of a watch and are from CCTC's Youtube.com page.

Video Below - The Article that is covered in this video is key!

The video below is a short tutorial on how easy it is to use this device.

This device and the use of it during regular elevator maintenance and inspections could possibly prevent our industry from seeing another passenger door strike lawsuit, not involving a light curtain/reversing edge. We now finally can prove that elevator doors are properly adjusted and are in accordance with the code. With time/date stamping of each test, bringing test reports into any lawsuit will maximize the elevator owner/managers defense and should help in minimizing liability. When it comes to litigation the more solid data you have the better your defense.

The Kinetic Energy Calculator is the perfect tool for contractors, consultants, mechanics and inspectors. For you attorneys out there looking for information, if this device is used in a case you're working on, there’s no more accurate way of measuring the kinetic energy of an elevator door than with this unit.

For more information visit http://www.cctc.name/