Post: December 15th, 2010: ERS-2010-12-15 #232 Show Notes

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Maybe it’s the cold weather keeping those news stories away and maybe it’s just the fact that there was so much bad news last week that this week is much smoother and easier to get through.  In any case it's a shorter show today, fewer articles but a few of them very important. As the MTA and Washington Metro are both brought back into the public light with some very interesting perspectives as to why the escalators and elevators are broken so often.

Is everyone getting ready for the holidays and the end of the year? Always a hectic time for many just hang in there and try to remember what’s important this time of year. Shorter show today, enjoy the break!

News/Article Links: Neat Elevator Lobby Woodbridge to make money with elevator inspections Interesting destination dispatch piece with a good ending New York Injury Attorney states the following, which I’d agree with ThyssenKrupp Elevator gets major order Suspect in armed elevator robberies extradited from NJ South Korean Stocks: Hyundai Elevator Elevator World Unplugged: Photo of the Week On top of an old elevator: NY Metro Escalator repairs unlikely to work, part 1 Councilwoman Laments Broken Subway Escalators Elevator Passenger Door Accidents Why do the DC Metro’s Escalators Break So Often An elevator takes center stage School board to buy new elevators at PECC Power Efficiency expands into Asia