Post: February 9th, 2011: ERS-2011-02-09 #240 Show Notes

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We here in Chicago survived the blizzard that swept through last Wednesday and we’ve got more snow than we know what to do with. If we could only sell it we’d all be millionaires! Action packed show today, lots of content to cover plus I’ll go over my travel plans for the next two weeks. There were a few articles that were pretty bad a good show to forward articles to colleagues and friends. One story was pretty bad, where a small child had her finger severed by an escalator. Makes me realize, again, how important the work that the EESF does and will be never ending.  Everyone think Spring, only three more months until all this snow melts!

News Links: Hotel Plaza should have failed inspection Plaintiff Trips Exiting Elevator Dupont Circle Metro Escalator grinds to a halt, jolting riders New escalators being installed at CUNY Baruch College Breckenridge firefighters rescue man from elevator shaft Toddler’s finger severed in LA escalator Escalator problem fixed at Ballston Workers use elevator to remove snow from U of I Elevator Radio Show On Youtube! Thanks John! 30 Elevator Rescues because of rolling blackouts Fujitec Expanding in China, India Ups and downs of elevators Think twice about using elevators Sarles talks safety, escalators, elevators, funding & more Old school elevator lurks inside renovated carriage house EIGSC January 2011 – Lunch Recap EW Blog – Photo of the week Should elevators shame us into taking the stairs? Police seek W.VA man for hotel elevator attack Failed Maine ski lift was due to load test Senior Elevator Installation Tech. Wanted - Qatar CEA Educational Seminar Date Set Baruch College administration considering elevator reprogramming Elevator Circuitry 101 – The Hold Close Relay Circuit Building owners required to pay elevator test witness Protect seniors, turn off door nudging! Elevator inspectors giving the shaft What goes down should post certificate up? Freight elevator might have been the best place, Super Bowl watching Checkmates take over elevator Eleven people rescued from stuck elevator in South Pattaya What I hope does not become an epidemic of jackass stunts What was the price of Elevator World magazine back in 1953? Otis Elevator launches end to end environmental commitment Older elevator can stay after all Two construction workers die in accident This is what I’m talking about - jackass all the way Metro escalator problems growing report finds

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