No Show Today: 7/20/11

Sorry everyone but there will be no show today. My wife left yesterday to visit a great friend of ours in one of her favorite places in the country Santa Cruz,CA. While this doesn’t typically prevent me from doing the show, I got up early this morning and found that there just wasn't enough content out there to put a show together. In some ways that’s good news! It will be a busy week for me as I roll together work and playing Mr. Mom. My boys are at the age where they can actually help with some projects at work that I've not been able to get to. Yesterday they prepared some items to be painted outside while today they will actually get to paint. It’s exciting for me to see how much they enjoy the work and more importantly getting paid per hour to do so.  Everyone have a safe week, stay cool and take time for yourself. I’ll be back next Wednesday with a new show.