Post: November 16th, 2011: ERS-2011-11-16 #276 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2011-11-16 #276 It’s Elevator Escalator Safety Week everyone! What are you doing to celebrate? Great to be back in the saddle again from last weeks ordeal with my car. The darn thing still isn’t quite right. I’ve got two weeks worth of articles to cover on the program to day and I promise to get through them as quickly as possible, plus I've got an interesting story I’d like to share.

News/Article Links: A Safe Ride by Elevatoring Productions Timeline, costs change elevator work The easiest elevator pitch to deliver Elevator accident posted on Facebook Hawk rescued from escalator 1.7 million in elevator shaft fall Dover Traction elevator in St. Louis IL Fire Marshal Commemorates National EESF Week Google’s Lab of Wildest Dreams Project 8-Elevator Simulation University of Arkansas elevator prank to air on TruTV Elevator accident in Canton kills woman Peelle Escalators discovered encapsulated Payne elevator car switch or someone else’s? November MESA Meeting Follow Up Anyone have information on Federal Elevator? Motor lubrication Dirty Dirty Door locks Brake Adjustments EW: Unplugged - Timekiller Two men critically injured in boom accident CEA Holiday Party December 7th Three students injured in elevator accident – WTF? Video story on elevator above - Interesting perspective KONE and the EESF Partner for Awareness Week Bronx students learn elevator escalator safety Elevators, Escalators can be dangerous, subject of safety week 12k ring lost in Dupont Circle Escalator Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch falls down escalator The most determined shopper ever Governor Rick Snyder proclaims EESF Week