Post: January 4h, 2012: ERS-2012-01-04 #282 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2012-01-04 #282 Happy New Year every one. Let’s hope that 2012 proves to be a safer one when it comes to vertical transportation equipment and fewer and fewer accident articles are covered relating to accidents on this program. 2011 had some of the worst accidents in one year, most of which happened in December. And as if both accidents in California and New York weren’t enough another fatality occurred in Texas just last week. I’m not sure there’s a better time for each of us to step up our game in order to make sure these types of accidents don’t occur ever again.  The recent accidents seem to provide evidence that our industry is not headed down the right path. Does lack of training on all fronts appear to be catching up to us? Are we going to accept the same excuses of budgetary constraints as reasons why elevators are not inspected and safe? Are we going to continue to cut each other’s throats on maintenance contracts or not perform maintenance at all? I’d like to ask the unpopular question; if this is where we are at right now, where will we be 10 years from now. This is only the beginning…..


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