Elevator News Show #291: ERS-2012-04-04 – Video & Audio

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If this is the kind of news week we get when I go on vacation, next time I just might reconsider.  Talk about a week full of SNAFU's that have me once again questioning a bunch of things which I’ll comment during the show today. Two articles on I swear were April fools jokes, unfortunately only one was.

In light of the response from the elevator mechanic in NY regarding the tragedy in December I will be sharing my EMI/RFI Testing experience with you so that comprehending what is being stated is understood by everyone.  I sure hope that the news source covering the article would run down the leads mentioned in the article to confirm that was the case before actually printing it.  There was also another accident in NY, this time involving a cable and an elevator dropping. Pretty serious stuff as this kind of thing is not supposed to happen. It’s getting a bit redundant and the riding public is starting to take notice. Is it too late to change? That my friends is the question. News/Article Links: Company introduces the world’s first pay per use elevator service Elevator mechanic electrocuted in NY building 17 year old survives six story Elevator Plunge Gothamist has a point! NY City Council Speaker: Elevator repairmen don’t need a license? Accused elevator mechanic says city consultant found many problems Four year Olds hand torn after being pushed down escalator Boy crushed by an automobile elevator Don’t miss tomorrows Chicago Elevator Association meeting! China Elevator Industry Report Church may donate elevator Mitt Romney campaign nixes his car elevator, for now EW Unplugged: Elevator Blitz: The Game Foggy Bottom blues: 3 escalators go down Is the DC Metro Escalator Problem Getting Worse? Like for Like Elevator Controller replacement LIRR to review escalator safety after death EW Unplugged: Photo of the week Ringing the alarm of a 1930’s Otis MD’s 10 (not so) recent elevator and escalator accidents Verify if your controller company has any service bulletins I am so out of touch with what video games are cool Stair lift for fat pets….we’re adding to the problem The elevator quiz Elevator to the moon LIRR looking into another escalator incident Rail firms open legal proceedings in Belgian court VTA continues elevator, escalator upgrades KONE to supply Oklahoma City’s First Destination Dispatch System Otis Elevators buyback deal How Metro explains all broken, idle escalators Bad traveling cable