Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #297 – Week 06/13/2012

Click Here to download ERS-2012-06-13 #297 Two weeks worth of news plus I get to talk about some industry events coming up. Next week is the Elevator U Conference at Michigan State University and I look forward to seeing many of you. I’m going to try to squeeze out a show next week but am unsure what shape I’ll be in to do so. The original thought was to do show #300 from the event but since it’s not 300 and I’m saddled with other duties during the conference I may end up needing to choose sleep and rest over doing a show. I’ll put a post up either way. Another event on the horizon is the Chicago Cruise on June 27th.  It’s not too late to register and to do so click the following link.

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News/Article Links: Worker falls down elevator shaft in Brooklyn Elevator Defective/In Operative Kinston Housing Authority delivers on new elevators Metro elevator and escalator service status EW: Unplugged: Photo of the Week Important news from NAESA International Homeless man found slain in Brooklyn elevator Do you think this accident data is correct? Best paying blue collar jobs include Elevator Techs Access to Stark Hall Passenger Elevator ‘T’ Riders Complain about North Side Escalator Hilarious Sad Clown Epping Station: Elevator Issues 30 Stories in 360 hours Otis Elevator’s ads for the 1964 World’s Fair 28 Bart Escalators out of service EIGSC Golf Outing/Membership Unboxing CJ Anderson 404A Interlock Elevator and restroom work to proceed

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