The Elevator Radio News Program - ERS-2012-06-20 #298

(note: Uploading show right now and it's taking awhile)  Today's show is a short video that includes a recap of day one of the Elevator U conference here in Michigan State University. Each year I attend this event I'm amazed at the amount of fun that we have. The support from the vendors and the caliber of presentations also make this event such a success.

Michigan State University and the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center is a great meeting location and hats off to Bob Schumacher - MSU conference host as well as Terri Flint for coordinating all the details for this years event. Bob, I'm clapping for you right now my friend. Awesome location for sure.

Yesterday, Day 1, I learned a great deal about Watts and lighting and applaud Man-D-Tec for calling out for brighter illumination in elevator cabs. I learned about LED, Halogen, CFC's and Incandescent light bulbs. I also learned that as the US phases out incandescent light bulbs the most likely will be rebranded as heaters and still available.

Brugg, then gave a very involved technical presentation on Wire Rope which I learn something new about every time I sit in on a presentation like this. They've broken down rope life to the number of bends the rope makes instead of the number of hours it runs and pointed to some issues that will shorten rope life dramatically.

Reynolds and Reynolds presented on there battery back up systems for Hydraulic and Traction Elevator Systems. There are some interface requirements that make the units a little more complicated than a simple add on package to any elevator system. They do work with controller manufacturers and can assist in providing information for your next project.

Dick Gregory from Vertex presented next on a ASME and how submit code interpretations, become a member of ASME and assist with helping out with the elevator code. The work that's done by these individuals is extremely important and appreciated.

David Flint from Michigan State University ran a cracker barrel session that included both a university architect and ADA specialists. Great insight as to what goes on behind the scenes when accessibility on colleges and universities is considered. Dave did a great job and two key points that came out of the presentation are that we all need to do a better job at making buildings accessible and that the various departments need to work together; architects, ADA team leaders and the other various facilities groups so that we're all on the same page.

The night came to a close after the pair of dueling piano's provided some excellent entertainment which once again confirmed that we know how to have a fun time.