More Ups Than Downs, A Memoir

Pretty cool that Bill Sturgeon is sharing his memoirs with the world. For a limited time you can preorder Bill’s book and get it signed by the legend himself as soon as it comes in from the printer. I'm going to order mine right now and encourage you to do the same.  All royalties go to support the EESF so it’s a win-win for everyone. This book is a must for your collection. BUY DURING THE MONTH OF JULY AND SAVE! (Regular Price US$55.25)

In this memoir, ELEVATOR WORLD founder Bill Sturgeon reflects on his adventurous early career, successful decades as EW editor and current active retirement. Full of industry history, personalities, anecdotes and photos, this book is a must read for industry insiders.

More Ups Than Downs is the story of my life - from birth in the Bronx, service in the Pacific in World War II and travels around the world to, most of all, my families, inside and outside of the elevator industry. All royalties from this book go to the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation and, therefore, back to the industry that has sustained me for over 65 years.--William C. Sturgeon

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Hardback, 312 Pages.