Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #309 - Week 10/17/2012

Click Here to download ERS-2012-10-17 #309 I’m back in action this week with some sad news to report as I learned earlier this week that the founder of Elevator World, William C. Sturgeon passed away at the age of 95. I was lucky to have met with Bill when I first came into the industry and what I remember the most about him was his passion for our industry as well as his love for those in it. He was the ultimate elevator advocate helping grow the industry that each of us depend on. He was a guy who recognized how much the industry had provided him and believed whole heartedly in giving back and he did on so many levels. I encourage you to read Bill’s memoir if you haven’t so already. He was a true adventurer who lived life to the fullest. Bill thank you for your contributions to our industry, our nation and most importantly your family. News/Article Links: William C. Sturgeon – Thank You! A sad day indeed…. Space Elevator Liftport Group To Present Hawaii’s Elevator Safety in Free Fall? Bronx woman gives birth in apartment elevator Tenants sue landlord, elevator after fire Wanna meet a star? Ride an elevator Child’s finger cut off by escalator Boy’s toes get trapped in mall escalator Paternoster, scary elevator projectQEI – inspect. submit. done EW: Unplugged photo of the week Man survives plunge down elevator shaft MAEC Recap KONE to deliver escalators to NY City subway station Elevator etiquette….establish a pee corner? Another awkward elevator ride Wow, Elevator Gore! Early October 2012 MESA Update Diesel Ducy & TJElevatorfan having fun Why do we behave so oddly in lifts Magnetek Hiring