Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #324 - Week 02/13/2013

Click Here to download ERS-2012-02-13 #324 I feel for you guys that got socked with the storm that blanketed the upper Northeast. You guys got hammered! I’m glad it wasn’t us and hope that you hang in there. Sounds the perfect opportunity to sign up for the NAEC Spring Conference in California, April 13-16th don’t you think?  After spending the weekend sick it’s good to be back on the mend, however now my family all has it. My son made sure to remind me that I got him sick before going to bed last night but he failed thank me for not having to go to school yesterday. Remember to keep washing your hands everyone. News/Article Links: Elevator World Tour gives entrepreneurs a chance Miner killed in hoist accident Elevator rapist jailed for 10 years What took so long to fix escalator Old elevator parts…call CJ Lack of elevator keeps boy homebound I wish I were a gamer Elevator malfunction traps 3 people EIGSC’s Monthly Message The problem between a lens and a button that looks like one Man stuck in elevator rescued Broken escalator angers shoppers MS: Bill would give gov. public elevator oversight Original 1913 Otis Elevator Video…COOL! Redesigning an Elevator’s UI Police seek suspect for setting elevator fires Elevator Update Elevator company sued for alleged elevator fall Elevator blaze brings firefighters out Allied Arts building elevator malfunctions A table full of space elevator prototypes Popularity of home elevator gets lift