Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #340 - Week 07/24/2013

Click Here to download ERS-2013-07-24 #340 ermc-orange-1With the heat wave of last week burned into our minds, this week has been awesome. In fact I considered putting on a sweatshirt before leaving the house this morning.  After scrolling through some of the articles last night before heading to bed I almost didn't come in to do the show because most of the on-line content was consumed with the birth of the royal family.  It's either that or we've all been doing a pretty good job this past week.  In any case next week is our prize pack give-away which also means it’s the end of the month. Hard to believe both that and we’re already at show number 340. News/Article Links: CEA Golf Outing Is Next Week! ERRC – Poker Run at NAEC Convention Bloomberg pushing to take the stairs Abandoned Freight Elevator Houses Hidden Museum Electronic failures caused by Tin Whiskers Man charged with escalator tampering UTC 2Q EPS Tops Views as Elevator, Engine Orders Rally Norman E. Wright Passes Lift companies rankings released….in Hong Kong This is funny….. Ties in with story above…. Escalator death: mechanical problems not to blame Historic Otis Elevator Hill climber….8th Wonder of the World? Car Park Elevator System Man treated for injuries after elevator lowered on him during repair Schindler offers AIA course Catskill hospital elevator catches fire Destination Dispatch: What an inspector needs to know Elevator Videographer Channel Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary