Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #343 - Week 09/04/2013

Click Here to download ERS-2013-09-04 #343   erssubscribeWell, I’ve enlisted the help of my 12 year old to build me a computer that will last me for 5 years and he’s on the case. It’s nice when your kids know more about this stuff than you do. This week is truly a good program to tune into. There are so many articles, two weeks’ worth, worthy of sharing that it’s almost a bit overwhelming. Plus I’m giving away a prize pack giveaway, which was supposed to be given away last week, and includes a Starbucks Gift card from Codedataplate.com.  Want to win? Subsribe to the blog today.   Special thanks to the companies who have donated goodies to the prize pack giveaway! C.J. Anderson & Company, The National Association of Elevator Contractors, The National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, Peelle, GAL, Truxes, EMS Group, Elevator Bob’s Elevator Pictures, Minnesota Elevator, ElevatorGear.com, ElevatorShack.com, ElevatorU.org, Elevator World Magazine, Elevator Cab Renovations, The Elevator Preservation Blog, ECS Corporation, Parts Specialists, Elevatormanstories.com, CodeDataPlate.com, Elevator Riders Riding Club, The pQEI Inspection App & Maxton Manufacturing     New/Article Links: Finally! Escalator stunt leads to arrest! Elevator fees from Landlord? LOL! Remember Payavator? Woman thought dead found alive in elevator KONE Acquires Denver Company Escalator fire breaks out injurs two Securing power to elevators At least 71 students trapped in dorm elevators last year Rare photo found of elevator added to Battleship for FDR Fatal Fall down elevator shaft reported in Houston Man who fell from escalator at Bronco’s game identified Macy’s settles in escalator suit A trip to the hospital…guaranteed CPSC Announces investigation of Home Elevator accidents Sad news of Jack Otis Passing Elderly woman’s nose reattached after attack in elevator People Trapped in Elevator Trump Plaza Offline Grise elevator causes classroom swap Man arrested in elevator sex assault of girl Amicable settlement in elevator lawsuit Man savagely beaten in apartment elevator PATCO Fixes elevators, escalators still out of service Tell tail signs of a bad motor bearing Woman’s foot fractured by elevator – China MRS-11 Otis Selector Replacement Disabled strive to open doors to accessibility Tough time for commuters as escalator goes kaput Child falls from 10 meters on escalator at shopping center Bulgarian Toddler injured by Mall Escalator improves Dadar could get 18 escalators Elevator Riders Support Tinely Wish November time frame for escalator repairs-Staten Island Ferry San Antonio Releases video of convention center escalator accident Chicago Cruise a success The Elevator Weatherman UK: Man falls to his death from escalator 27 year old fell off airport escalator dies Five killed in elevator accident China Girl, 8, Hurt in escalator accident at Garden State Plaza The Elevator Office Song