No Show 10/30/13

fkhallI wish I could say I was making some good progress but I guess I need to be more patient. Still not sleeping so great and part of me wishes the shoulder would just feel better. It seems as if the only time will help in healing the gaps between the breaks but part of me wonders how the bones can rejoin if there's movement in the area.  The bottom line is I'm in no condition to get up at 2 am and come in to do the show. I feel like a mortal again. Darn you kryptonite! I'm looking forward to coming back as the new computer is in place, powerful enough to run four cameras, stream if needed and jump over buildings in a single bound.  So I will shoot for next week everyone and look forward to doing the show again as I truly miss it.

Enjoy Halloween, the rest of the World Series and don't forget to turn your clocks back this weekend.  Enjoy that extra hour of sleep.