EESF AGM Meeting - No Show Today

erseesfI thought I'd be traveling into some nicer, warmer weather this week heading down to Atlanta but it appears to have followed me from Chicago. What reporters are over-sensationalizing  as a possible CATASTROPHIC storm moving through the Atlanta area has yet to arrive. It's currently 32 and raining. However after the last storm that rolled through officials are taking no chances of a repeat. I'm attending the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation Annual General Meeting and after last nights enjoyable reception I'm ready to get to work. We'll be going over the financials of the organization, the strategic plan as well as the business plan. It's great to see those who made it in safely and more importantly, hope everyone gets home safely. For those of you who support the foundation, thank you. No matter how you donate; your time, your money, your participation in EESF fundraisers, we couldn't do it with out you. I'll recap the meeting on next weeks show.