Post: June 11th, 2014: ERS-2014-06-11 #367 Show Notes

Post: June 11th, 2014: ERS-2014-06-11 #367 Show Notes (no audio/video show today due to....) erstechThis weeks audio/video portion of the show was produced but due to some technical issues, I'm blaming Microsoft's update last night, did not save correctly. Instead of not having any content today I wanted to at least provide you with the article links, less my commentary. So if you're hunting for the audio or video file it isn't there.  I hope to have it all corrected by next week.

It was great to see everyone that came out to support the Chicago Cruise benefiting the EESF last Wednesday. While the weather was a little chilly the warmth of those who attended was felt the entire night. Great boat, good food and exceptional company made the event a success.

Regarding show links this week the story/article/video that nearly crashed my computer was the one that most of you most likely already saw of the elevator that took off with the doors open in Chile. Amazing how much reposting this one got. As soon as I saw it, before reading the article, I knew it was an elevator located outside the United States and Canada.

pdOn a personal note for those of you with kids finishing up the school year enjoy the following video. Also Happy Fathers day to those of you out there that have little ones. Enjoy it and hopefully you get to do something you enjoy on Sunday with your family.

News/Article Links: An Introduction to Elevator Maintenance Control Programs Another issue with the Washington Monument EESF Welcomes Nikole Layton as Associate Director Officials worried about ‘castastrophic failure’ of Dedham Complex Elevator The importance of the rope ripper Video: Chilean Man injured when elevator takes off What’s a paternoster? Woman injured on escalator 3 Women fall off escalator Congrats on 21 Years Andrew! Worker dies after 5-story fall down elevator shaft Problems persist with privately owned subway station Yes! The EESF has been telling us this for how many years? EW Unplugged: America’s Coolest Hotel Elevators 7-Year-Old falls to death in mall Man dies in freak accident Old Town elevator accident identified Young girl dies after falling 3 floors in shopping mall Thank you for supporting the Chicago Cruise! Halma PLC sells Monitor Elevator Products to Innovation Tallest elevators on earth are being tested in old mineshaft Navigating 1981 Millar CVT A/I Monitor Free tickets to NAEC Conference in San Antonio