Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #368 - Week 07/09/14

Audio File Show Link -  July 9th, 2014: ERS-2014-07-09 #368 ersoaIt’s hard to believe that it’s already July and it’s been about four weeks since my last show. Today is the catch up program where I clear out all my news that’s in my cache and empty it out like the dirty garbage it is. Well maybe not dirty garbage but perhaps old news. I’ll also provide a brief update on the Chicago Cruise as well as the Elevator U Conference. Next week we’ll be back on track and I’m looking forward to week after week of programming for you. News/Article Links: Elevator U 2015 Conference Dates Set Another good reason why not to visit the hospital Fire suspends elevator service in senior high rise Chicago Elevator Association Golf Outing Details 12 Injured in Escalator collapse in a city I can’t pronounce I’m not sure where to go with this one but it’s sad New rules coming to Hawaii Elevator Riders RC EU Club Ride Report Washington Airport Handles Constant escalator accidents Washington State weights new escalator safety rules following accident New Washington state escalator rules fall short Surprise, poor parts led to Shanghai escalator accident EW Unplugged –Funny Video City settles elevator accident claim homeSAFE website launched to promote residential elevator safety Engineer falls ten meters down an elevator shaft and then crushed Worker dies in elevator accident Child that fell from escalator at Sears dies This is why no baby strollers on escalators What are the 10 longest Metro Escalators?