Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #381 - Week 12/3/14

Audio Show Link: Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #381 - Week 12/3/14 Back from a wonderful trip to Wisconsin where it was cold and snowy and no one robbed my house after declaring I’d be out for a few days over the interweb.  I wasn’t too surprised to learn that there were not a lot of articles out there but some I enjoy commenting on. If you’re like me and wonder how some of this ends online please feel free to comment. Those are some of the best items to read.

News/Article Links: Woman Killed inside dumbwaiter More on above story Crazy elevator concept straight from Willy Wonka A better elevator design? New elevator system like a vertical mass transit system TKE Promises to revolutionize skyscraper design Bike Escalator again in the news Mans foot cut off by elevator door in Netanya elevaTour of Macy’s Hearald Square Two injured in Stony Creek elevator accident Elderly woman plunges down escalator Urban Hub Digital Magazine Launched Woman slashed in face on London Underground escalator Church leaders urge support for elevator