Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #388 - Week 01/28/15

Audio Download Link: Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #388 - Week 01/28/15 ers-by20152As I was driving in this morning to do the show the news reported that worst of Juno is over but the snow and flooding that it brought is significant. For those of you in those areas impacted I imagine you’re staying home today and maybe tomorrow so relax.  Take your time shoveling/snow blowing and try not to get to upset about what you cannot control.  Try to enjoy it if you can, help a neighbor out and take it slow. Remember that the snow will be gone by June which is only five months away, I promise. News/Article Links: Mechanic killed in elevator accident OMG on this Video!!!!! Child in serious condition after fall from store escalator NEII® Regulatory and Legislative Agenda – The Insider CEA Meeting Feb 5th Study Finds Global Opportunities for greater elevator eff. Sneak some exercise at work Man arrested after assaulting another in an elevator Black hole, space elevator, saving humanity? Which tower dwellers log the most ‘elevator miles’ Great we haven’t had an escalator lawsuit in a while Grateful I live in the USA Mitt Romney might put car elevator house on market Register for the NAEC Spring Conference Register for the EESF AGM Pretty cool VW Factory MEI/H&H Maxton Training Program